8.8.18 is National Girlfriends Day

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

I was working all day on my script, and I don’t think I got anywhere today. So, I decided to take a break and sit in the jacuzzi for 30 minutes. Then, I returned home to drink a cup of herb tea.

While playing City Girl Game, I noticed that today was promoted as National Girlfriends Day. I decided to write some ideas for this girlfriends day, which can be use for any time in the week. It’s a Girls Day Out, where girls just want to have fun all day together.

  1. Enjoy a picnic at the park. Brings lots of cold drinks and reminisce about being friends.
  2. Write memories on little pieces of papers, and place in a jar.
  3. Create a Friendship Boxes, which is like a goodies bag, and give it to each friend in the group.
  4. Maybe even pack a bottle of champagne, strawberries covered with chocolate, and some champagne flutes, and celebrate whatever you are doing or just being a woman.
  5. End the day with relaxing in the jacuzzi and swimming in the pool.


What do you think?


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