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7 Birthday Surprise Ideas

Sending birthday wishes through a message, through an email, wishing them at the midnight is all common, but how to surprise your loved ones with birthday wishes?

There are many people who never received any such kind of surprise wishes in their entire life.

If this has happened with any of your family members or friends, then it is time to give them those surprising wishes. Surprise wishes always bring smile on the lips and happiness on the face of your loves ones. There are many things you can do on your birthday and  If you are looking for the best ways to bring that happiness, then here are some ideas for you.

Wish them through an Ad Space or Radio

If you want to wish your family members or your friends in a very special way, then wish them through an ad space or Radio station or you can even wish them on the television. Ad space you can buy with ease. When it comes to a radio station or television, there are many shows through which you can easily wish them. You need not have to spend anything to wish your loved on Radio station. All you have to do is just send a message and they will wish them on your behalf. But one thing that you need to do to make sure is, the Birthday Surprise Ideas that you are planning is conveyed to them. Make sure they are listening to the radio station or watching television at the time when it may be played or telecasted.

Envelope Surprise

Plan an envelope surprise for your loved ones. You can write a number of letters that will give them a clue that you are planning something surprise for them. You can also keep the surprise simple by writing a lot of letters stating how much you love them and what they mean to you. You need to direct to the next envelope from your previous envelope. You should not hand over all the envelopes at a time.

Become a chef for the day

One of the best things that women love is when men become their chefs and cook something they love. This is the dream of every wife or a girlfriend, in fact, the dream of every woman. If you are planning a surprise wishiss for a woman, then this is something that you can try. You can be her chef for the whole day and pamper her with whatever she likes.

Call in a childhood friend

If the birthday girl or boy is away from his friends and family from a long time, then you can call in a childhood friend or someone very close to them in the family. This is going to be the best surprise for the birthday boy or girl. You can never imagine or expect what kind of surprise you are giving them.

Special wishes at workplace

You can pretend as if you forgot the birthday and plan something in their workplace. This is also a good idea if they love to work on their birthday also. It will be a great day to celebrate with those people with whom you spend so many hours of the day, every day.

Yarn Trail

Yarn trail is something that is funny and interesting as well. You will have to place one end of the yarn ball at a place that is visible to the birthday baby with a note on it like Follow it or something. Roll it in places wherever possible with some short message that give them a hint of birthday surprises. At the end of the yarn, you can either plan the party or leave a message with the location of the party.

A big box of helium balloons

This is also an exciting gift and it can be a good gift for girls or youngsters. You can blow a lot of helium balloons and place in a huge carton with messages or cards at the end of each balloon thread. When they open the box, all the helium balloons come out as they go up. This cannot be stopped and the cards or messages hanging at the bottom will look amazing for the birthday baby.

There are many more Birthday Surprise Ideas, but in order to keep it a surprise, you will have to plan it in the right way. So, try these surprise ideas next time.


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