Worldwide United for Freedom on 5.29.21

Saturday, 5.29.21

Today, I turned on my computer to noticed many live protests all over the world. They are long, but they were protesting for FREEDOM and RIGHTS against the Zionist Agenda, NWO, and One World Government. The live protests that I posted here are at London, Washington DC, and Brussels.

#1 LIVE: Demonstration in support of Palestine held in DC

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Today, there is a large protest in Washington DC to Free Palestine from Zionist Israel. Black people unite with Palestinians because they experienced similar struggles by Zionists. For one thing, Zionists Israel trains USA police departments to terrorize Americans, mostly blacks. That is why majority of Americans don’t even trust the police in America.

This video is long because it is live from Washington DC, USA.

Biden is a Zionist, like all the other presidents before him, or they wouldn’t have made it into the presidency in the first president. They were all hired to control the public toward the New World Order Zionist agenda and One World Satanic Government in Zionist Israel.


During this protests, it was noticed that there were many Zionists trying to infiltrate the protest to start fights with the Pro-Palestine people. Somewhere around the 3:00 mark in the video, a man warns the crowd about these Zionists, and to ignore them because they are try to create problems to silence them.

#2 LIVE: COVID sceptics stage ‘Unite for Freedom’ rally in London

Saturday, May 29, 2021

In London, England, many people congregated to fight for their freedom and rights against the Zionist New World Order agenda and One World Satanic Government. I notice David Icke in the crowd. This video is long because it is live from London, UK.

Someone noted in a sign that “The New Normal is Abnormal.”

Another sign reads, “99.97% are not dying.”

Another sign reads, “No to Vaccine Passports.”

In London, 1 million people at this congregation marched for United for Freedom protest. It is at another video, which is only 9 minutes long.


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