Why High-Quality DEF and DEF Distributors are Important

Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is a solution made up of urea and de-ionized water which is used to reduce the amount of nitrogen oxide released into the atmosphere by diesel trucks. DEF works by acting as a consumable in the selective catalytic reduction process. It is injected into a truck’s pipeline where it combines with nitrogen oxide to create water and nitrogen which are not harmful to the environment. In order to abide by environmental regulation laws, diesel trucks are required to limit the amount of nitrogen oxide they produce. DEF allows trucks to continue to work at full capacity while reducing greenhouse emissions. This means that truck drivers and owners of fleets need to have access to DEF and a good understanding of how the substance works and why it is important. Knowing where to find trustworthy, knowledgeable DEF distributors can help drivers and fleet owners make sure they comply with federal regulations and keep their vehicles running at maximum capacity.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

The Environmental Protection Agency has been working for decades to reduce the emissions of nitrogen oxide and other pollutants in order to improve air quality. Diesel-powered vehicles are incredibly strong, and that strength is necessary to pull heavy loads or navigate tough terrain. However, diesel fuel also creates a high amount of pollution that can disrupt air quality and lead to health problems and other concerns. In order to reduce these emissions without compromising the power of diesel-powered engines, companies began to build vehicles that contained a component known as the selective catalytic reduction system. This system injects DEF into a vehicle’s pipeline so that the nitrogen oxide that is normally produced can be chemically transformed into harmless components. Since the DEF is added after the diesel is burned it does not reduce the power of the engine, but it does prevent the harmful substances from escaping into the environment. Vehicles created with a selective catalytic reduction system will not work properly if DEF is not added to the system. This means that truck drivers and owners need to make sure they keep their DEF tanks full of high-quality fluid so that their engines can run at their optimal level.

Qualities to Look for in a Distributor

In order to keep diesel-powered engines running smoothly, owners need to keep up with the maintenance of these vehicles and use high-quality products to keep them running. This is true whether the product is oil, fuel, or DEF. To ensure that they are using quality DEF properly, owners need to have access to trustworthy DEF distributors that they can rely on. A distributor should be knowledgeable and provide a quality product. They should also be able to answer questions and work with vehicle owners to come up with possible solutions when problems arise that are related to the selective catalytic reduction system.


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