What’s The Paperwork Required When You Buy a Second Hand Bike?

Are you willing to buy a second hand bike and want to know about the paperwork that you will need to do? This post will provide you with some meaningful information on it. While deciding to buy a used bike, a buyer needs to consider many things, and one of the major aspects of it is none other than the paperwork as this completes the process.

1) RC (Registration Certificate) Book 

It is a must for the seller of the bike to provide the new owner of the owner bike with the registration certificate (RC) book of the two-wheeler. The buyer should ensure to get the possession of the RC and see if the vehicle details match as per the RC records or not. For instance, the stamp to prove the tax payment along with the vehicle number should be checked by the new owner. The seller name should be same on the records book. The buyer needs to submit this book to the Regional Transport Office (RTO) as that’s the place where there will be a name change – from old owner to the new one.

2) Insurance Certificate

It is a must for any vehicle in India to have an insurance and even the second hand bike that you want to buy should have a proper two wheeler insurance. If the bike to be purchased is still not insured, it will not be registered by the RTO. Since you want to purchase a used motorbike, the vendor needs to provide you with the two-wheeler insurance certificate of the vehicle. The bank that has earlier offered the bike insurance will now transfer the policy of ownership from the seller to the buyer if the plan is active at the time of buying. In case, if it’s not active, the existing owner of the bike needs to apply for at least a new third party bike insurance online. For availing the bike insurance, the seller can approach a bank which offers it. For buying a new policy, he/she will need to check his/her requirements that then avail something that’s fine to fit all parameters. You can also avail a third party bike insurance online these days at many websites without any hassles.

3) The seller should possess the forms 28,29 and 30 

The seller needs to provide with some forms such as 28, 29, and 30 to the buyer which he/she will submit at the Regional Transport Office (RTO).

– Form 28 is nothing but a no objection certificate (NOC). It is needed if you want to take the bike out of the state, else, it’s not needed

– You need to submit the Form 29 which is the Notice of Transfer of Ownership

– Form 30 is the Report of Transfer of Ownership of the bike

4) The seller of the bike also needs to give the buyer with the road tax card which has the tax payment information and should be submitted at the RTO

5) The Pollution under Control (PUC) Certificate is a must for vehicles that are older than six months. If the old owner does not have a PUC, then the new owner of the bike needs to get this done as soon as after taking bike’s possession

6) The buyer will also provide the address proof and two passport size recently clicked photographs

7) The buyer needs to avail a sales receipt from the vendor to keep away all complications

The Bottom Line

Once you have furnished the discussed documents, you will then need to submit all at the RTO to finally get the ownership of the purchased bike.


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Written by Sidharth Kapoor

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