What You Need to Understand About Gantry Crane Hire?

Gantry is the structure that is used to overlap an object or workspace. The cranes that are built on the top of a gantry are called the gantry cranes. The gantry crane is like overhead and bridge crane which is used for lifting and moving heavy weight items. As the cranes are an expensive piece of equipment, gantry crane hire is the only best option for buying.

Uses of The Gantry Crane

Gantry crane has a hoist fitted to the trolley that is used to lift the objects. There is single, or a pair of rails fitted under the bean to move it horizontally. There are different kinds and sizes of gantry cranes that used for different purposes.

  • Full gantry cranes are mainly used for shipbuilding yard where the crane moves the ship that allows the heavy objects including the engines to be installed in the ship.
  • Heavy-duty overhead cranes are used for advance construction projects.
  • Portal gantry cranes are basic models used for lifting rail cargos.
  • Workstation gantry crane is used for lifting materials and cargos in factories or small construction areas. They are smaller gantry cranes with tracks to move around. These are used for lifting engines out of the car.
  • There are smaller aluminium gantry cranes which are smaller ones used in manufacturing industries and construction.

Hiring A Gantry Crane

It is possible to purchase the gantry cranes directly from the manufacturers or through retail sellers. But it is important that you check the company before buying from them. The finding of the warranty of the equipment is something important too. You also need to make sure the equipment is installed properly and working effectively.

You can either go through all the trouble or get gantry crane hires from rental companies. There could be many reasons to why you should rent the crane instead of buying them. Some of them are:

Buying a gantry crane is a huge investment which is not possible for everybody. Especially for the construction business where there will be a need for new equipment and a new crane every now and then. Every business cannot afford to buy such expensive item. So, you must consider about gantry crane hire. There are many reliable companies who offer gantry crane on hire.

  • Many businesses don’t require the gantry crane very often like the container handling area. Also, you might be requiring a new type of crane at regular intervals as per your need. It is not possible for all businesses to buy all the variations of the gantry cranes. So, the ideal option is to hire the type of crane you need for the time. You can hire single gantry crane for one use or get double-legged for another as per your need.
  • It is cost-effective to hire a gantry crane over the cost of purchase. When you buy such expensive equipment, you also must bear the costs of transport, installation and maintenance. For short-term uses and smaller businesses, it can be an overhead to bear such high costs. You don’t have to worry about other costs when you hire the cranes. You also don’t need to train the employees to use them as the company will send professionals along with the crane.
  • It is easy to find the crane hiring companies for hiring the gantry cranes. You can get all the information online and contact them easily. This saves time and money as well.

It is important that you choose the gantry crane hire company very carefully. You must consider the quality of service the company offers and cost of hiring. The mobility factor is also something you have to look for before hiring the equipment. Weightlifting capacity of the crane is another consideration for the equipment. Choose the right crane that meets your requirement.


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