What is HR-6666?

Sunday, June 7, 2020

HR-6666 was created in May 2020. House Rule 66, House Resolution 6667, for this Cornyflu testing—Reaching and Contacting Everyone Act, has the acronym Trace AC—Testing, Reaching and Contacting everyone. Introduced by Bobby Rush, a Democrat from Illinois.

They will start testing this act in Ventura, California, which is in Los Angeles. It allows other people to forcibly invade your home. If they notice you have anything to do with a cough, fever, or even similar symptoms to this Cornyflu, they will forcibly test people with this new testing. The tests have already been proven to show “false positives” to Cornyflu.

If any member of a household displays this false positive symptom, even though they don’t have Cornyflu, they will take them away, probably place certain people into a Fema Camp.

It mostly likely affects the whole earth since we are all under this One World Lockdown bullshit to control the whole earth under One World Government in Zionist Israel, as soon as they start their New World Order.


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