What Can You Expect From Your Strata Manager?

A strata manager is responsible for running the day to day administrative and management tasks needed for a strata property. Thus, the manager works on behalf of the owners of the lots and the council of the community. The council of owners still hold the final authority on what should be done and implemented, and this is then shared with the strata manager and the strata management company.

But what can you expect from your strata manager?

The strata manager is expected to offer comfortable living for the residence within the community. With the popularity of strata communities, the demand for services that they require is also slowly growing. Thus, there are more expectations that a strata manager needs to fulfil. The role slowly grows to help satisfy a much wider range of lifestyle essentials. 

A strata manager’s main role is administrative, which can easily be broken down into three categories.

  1. Offering interpersonal information
  • The manager should ensure they are clearly communicating with the community and enforcing the strata community’s rules.
  • They should be able to provide basic information to the council member and the owners within the community.
  • In case there is a dispute within the community, they should be able to offer unbiased meditation to the owners; these are issues like noise within the community, parking or maintaining pets.
  • They should also be able to advise the council on any compliance matters that arise.
  1. The administrative role
  • The manager attends to the office-based administration to ensure the strata community is properly maintained and serviced for the residence. They will ensure they correspond with the lot owners when it comes to property management and maintenance.
  • The manager could be requested to act as the chair during general meetings; they will also provide minutes for the council and owners’ meetings.
  • They archive the records for the strata company while also managing the day to day maintenance and repair of the property. It is from proper cleaning of the community, maintenance of the gardens, lift and equipment maintenance around the property.
  1. Financial services
  • Most strata management companies have put systems and producers in place to aid in the owners’ financial services. Some of the services you should expect are as follows.
  • The manager should monitor the routine invoice payments that are carried out on behalf of the strata company. 
  • Be organised in preparing levy options and annual budgets that will need approval from the owners. At the same time, they should prepare the financial statements that the council would need to review. 
  • As they are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the property, they should also obtain the necessary quotes, including insurance of the premises.


The strata manager should make your life much simpler and easier as you stay in the community. They handle the administrative work for ensuring the property is well managed, share the needed information and prepare financial statements for review. If there are disputes within the strate community, the manager should also be able to resolve them diplomatically.  


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