Walmart Shopping Tips

Monday, June 29, 2020

Walmart Shopping Tips

Free samples at Walmart? Go to Freeoks website…

Free welcome box for couples who just had babies.

Products that end in 7 means it is the original price.

Products that end in 5 means it has been marked down.

Products that end in 0 means it is the lowest price for this product.

Walmart online products are from other stores. Walmart is acting as a pimp, pimping other company products, and they get a percentage on what the sale on their site.

Walmart store and Walmart online have different prices for same products. The Walmart online website usually have cheaper prices.

Bonus Pickup Savings if you buy online, but pick it up at a store.

Discounts on items that is shipped to a store.

Type in “Clearance” on the Walmart search bar. Search through categories.


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