Vancouver Protests Against Cornflu Plandemic Lockdown Lies

Vancouver Canada Protest against One World Lockdown lies, the Plandemic Cornyflu, and the New Normal. Over 250 people showed up on Sunday, May 17th. Many people took turns making a speech. They talked about the toxic vaccines, surveillance, and microchip. Everyone stood close together without social distancing. Trudeau, Gore, and Gates are working together for the New World Order agenda and World Domination.

A vaccinated woman talks about the side effects that she experiences. She experienced seizures when she was a baby. She was a very sick child, always getting sick. She cannot drive because it affected her legs. She has epilepsy.

They talk about Information War, microchip cashless society, dystopian totalitarian society, and other New World Order agenda list.

RNA Vaccine is lethal. Gates wants to inject RNA into people’s DNA, which will lead to autoimmune disease. Social Distancing is about de-socializing people by instilling fear, distrust, and hatred for others. She further adds that the it all started with the military.

They also talk about toxicity in North American food. A man talks about toxic vaccines. They encourage everyone not to listen to the political parasites’ mind control on the public. The mask, or muzzle, is destroying people’s immune system. Conspiracy theorist is a CIA term to shut people up.

Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc cures the Cornyflu, even in the elderly.


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