How to Use Powerful Motivation to Get Your Customers “Hooked”

You won’t believe it, but there are more than 130 trillion web pages on the Internet and if that isn’t shocking enough, no less than 300 hours of video is being uploaded to YouTube per minute. Your (free first bonus)

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The amount of information we generate online has never been experienced in the history of the planet and to top it all, is the incredible rate of information consumption, 34 gigabytes per day is being consumed by the average American which transcribes to 100,000 words consumed in an average time of 18 hours per day.We are literally drowning in a gigantic sea of information.

Even as we sleep, we are bombarded by it every second of the day. One could say that we are hooked and it’s not making us richer, healthier, more fulfilled or happier, It is quite the opposite, in fact, depression cases have mushroomed to almost 20% in a decade, which makes depression the leading cause of disability worldwide.

The expected “GoogleTopia” we were promised, about how the world would be a better place and how information would improve people’s lives… never really materialized. In spite of the above facts, less than 3% of people ever complete information products they buy and if such products were seen through, most of them will seldom get more than 100 paying customers.


Just think, If you have a business that sells information, the real value of that information is rapidly approaching ZERO and you are gradually finding  yourself in a dying industry, lets call it the GooglePocalyse, where once you created and sold info products that made a real difference for your clients and customers is fast becoming harder than at any time before. (Second free bonus)

So, what to do now…Most of what’s being taught about HOW to create digital products is… to put it bluntly… just plain WRONG. The name says it all: “information-based” products do a good job of providing information.But that’s not what your readers need and want from you. What they really want is to CHANGE. They want TRANSFORMATION.


What all this means, is that information alone just isn’t enough to get customers the results that they need and deserve.The sad bottom line, is, if your clients aren’t getting results, they’re not going to return to your page or if you were selling them something, they certainly won’t be buying from you again sometime soon neither are they likely to refer their friends, and your marketing efforts get noticeably harder.

In my experience, most information-based products make people feel as though they’re standing at the very bottom of an extremely -tall mountain, with no clear way up and dressed in the wrong gear. The 98% failure rate these products have, proves my point If you want to leverage your time writing content, producing products, programs, and courses, it’s imperative, that you understand that content and information alone is just not going to cut it anymore. (third free bonus)


People will no longer take action on information alone. It’s about delivering that information along with something along the way. A form of value people actually do want and crave, it may be some engaging and fun experiences that inspire them to make them feel something.There is a very powerful reward center inside our brains that simply crave winning… and passionately hates losing. This reward center literally floods the pleasure sensors in our brain with “happiness chemicals” whenever we encounter certain experiences.

More importantly, whenever we “win” in our lives.This chemical is so powerful that it hooks us into constantly craving those wins and positive experiences over and over again.

The anticipation of winning alone is enough to start engulfing your system with all those happy chemicals responsible for positive emotions such as triumph, joy, and happiness.And when you deliver the right kinds of experiences in the right sequence, you get people hooked on taking action, getting results, and returning to your content page or buying from you over and over again. I hope you found this post useful.


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