Unto The Third Generation – part 20 (conclusion)

Edward Rashford had worked all his life.  He had started with nothing, and died a multi-millionaire.

His eldest son, Eric, had come into the business at the age of fourteen and worked hard.  He expanded the business, and doubled the wealth.

Edward decided to leave the business equally to his four sons.   Eric, who worked and knew the business, Sam and John, his semi – useful brothers,  and the late born spoiled baby, David, who never worked a day in his life.

Eric was angry.  He’s sacrificed his life for the company, yet received the same portion as David, who got everything.

Eric sold everything, left the company, moved to the Caribbean,  having changed his name to Eric Nathan.

Sam and John were not capable of managing the business.  They tried.  For over twenty years they tried, then gave up.  Like their elder brother they resented the fact that David got just as much as they did but did no work.

They gave their shares to their children, sold what they had, and left.

This meant the corporation was run by people like David.  Spoiled brats who believed they were entitled.  Elderly infants who knew nothing about work.

These grandchildren ran the corporation into the ground, and lost it, leaving nothing to their children, Edward’s Great-grandchildren.

These permanent children  had been born with the mind set of millionaires, but the bank balance of a bus driver.

Unlike  ‘average’ people, who had been raised to make decisions, exercise  judgment, budget their money, these great-grandchildren, were not.

By the time they had reached their teens, there was no business.  Their parents had sold everything and were living on the meagre profits.

Holding the Rashford name, and exhibiting the pretension they had imbibed as infants,  they were reviled.

They could remember the fancy houses they had been to, the things their parents had owned,  and read about their past in history books.

But they were less than nobody.


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