W. C. Fields plays Carnival Barker Gabby Gilfoil in Two Flaming Youths, 1927.

Understanding Shills – 4

The Shills who pushed tinycent knew perfectly well that they were roping people into a scam.  Those who Shilled for Factoidz were not aware of the realities.

Between these two realms;  that is of the fully aware Shill and the duped Shill, comes those Bubblews stooges who spent their days roping others into a scam site,   which because they ‘were always paid’  assumed everyone else ‘broke the rules’.

This kind of selfishness is not rare. Your belly is fully, everyone’s belly is full.   Those who complain,  well, it is ‘their fault’.

This is the kind of selfishness that Scammers rely on.

The Owners of the site  who intends to run a Scam, such as those who owned Bubblews, did not hire nor pay thier shills.   They relied on the selfishness of people.   They used the infamous Jay Gould paradigm,

“I can hire half the working class to kill the other half.”

The Shills of Bubblews, who were ‘always paid’    ran around insulting others,  luring innocent writers to their demise.

The fact that it was created to be a writing scam had never been denied by those who created it.  Even if the Owners stood on a  platform and announced that they had created Bubblews as a Scam (selecting the name Bubblews as a reference to the Great South Sea Bubble which was a scam run in 1711)   the Shills would deny it.

They were always  paid, therefore they will defend the one who pays them, until he stops.


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