Unconventional Methods to Improve E-Commerce Traffic and Sales

You can only do so much with conventional marketing methods and when you have done all you can – it’s time to change the strategy. This is where unconventional methods come in in order to help you improve traffic and sales for your e-commerce business. Since online marketing is a complex mechanism, you will always have a variety of possibilities to give your business a boost.

If it’s time to think outside your comfort zone, take the following unconventional methods into consideration as a means to improve your e-commerce traffic and sales.

Don’t shy away from Instagram

A social platform like Instagram can change a lot for your business if you take full advantage of its features. Instagram has more than 100 active users who post over 40 million photos per day which makes it a powerful tool to introduce and sell products.

Since every Instagram post should include hashtags, you will easily format the keywords to reach the desired audience. Pay attention to the quality of the photos since they will serve as a showcase for your products and influence the audience’s decision to purchase it. Also, pay attention to the comment section and reply even to the unpleasant messages since that will help you build a better relationship with your customers.

Establish a social media advertising budget

While social media is efficient to advertise your e-commerce business and attract more audience, it has its limits. Therefore, in order to get full experience from social media marketing, you will need to establish an advertising budget to cover the costs. Paid Facebook ads use a complex algorithm which will help you reach a larger audience, desired demographics and reactivate old customers.

Facebook Exchange is especially efficient as a resource for e-commerce websites since it will lower the number of shopping cart discontinuations. This feature works rather simply by adding a cookie to the customer’s computer when they add a product in a shopping cart but don’t buy it. Later on, Facebook will display the product’s ad on their news feed with the intention to encourage them to make the purchase.

Use a marketing automation tool

Personalization is highly important in today’s marketing and can be a powerful resource if you use it right. One of the best ways to adopt personalization is by using the marketing automation tool to send personalized messages to your customers. This includes setting the parameters to respond to certain events by sending messages to customers for their birthdays and about discount coupons.

Based on the study by Experian CheetahMail, personalized birthday and anniversary emails have a higher success rate in reaching the target audience and raising revenue. The statistic showed that transaction rates were five times greater for birthday campaigns than when standard ones were used. Also, the same study showed that dollar-off discounts had the highest success compared to all other types of discounts including the free shipping coupon.

Incorporate traditional marketing into your strategy

Digital marketing is a powerful tool to attract customers, but it’s even more effective when combined with traditional methods. Portable display boards can convey a message in the traditional scenes and then take the interaction into the digital environment. For example, inviting customers to use a displayed QR code to open a certain page on your e-commerce platform will get them one-click away from buying the product.

Welcome customer reviews

When you work in the public sphere, you will need to deal with opinions posted on your social media accounts and certain websites. But instead of shying away from reviews since they can be negative as well as positive, you should embrace the opportunity. Communication with customers is important to improve the service and create a positive public profile that will, in turn, give you a loyal following.

Also, this way you will know which products are the most popular after purchase which will help you to concentrate your marketing efforts and promote them more. You will be judged more for the way you deal with the angry customer than how you act around the ones who leave favorable reviews.


Unconventional methods are often neglected because they can require more time and resources to set in motion. However, they can improve e-commerce traffic and sales in ways that will increase the revenue, improve your business image and help you manage your advertising campaign more efficiently. So, when defining the marketing strategy, including some of these unconventional methods from the start for the best results and opportunity to run a successful e-commerce business.


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