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According to the UAE labour law, the rights of the staff will be gone if they quit the contract on their own before the ending of their contract. In addition to that, the maternity leave cannot be denied. If someone still says that the maternity leave will be denied, you should ask the Labour lawyers in UAE to help you.

If a person is working on the basis of the contract in any company, he will not be able to quit the contract on his own. If he still does this, all of his rights will be gone. There are different benefits that the staff is entitled to when his contract ends. These benefits will be granted to the person in case if his contract ends. If this is not so, he will not be entitled to those benefits as per the UAE labour law. For more details Click here

Maternity Leave

If a woman doesn’t complete the required years of her job and still asks for the maternity leave. What will happen to her?

“If a woman has signed a contract in which it was written that the woman will not be allowed to take the maternity leave, she won’t be allowed to take it. If she still wants to go on leave due to the final stages of her pregnancy, her leave will be considered as an annual leave”- this is what a company replied to her employer when she asked for a maternity leave


According to the UAE labour law, a woman is entitled to maternity leave with full pa. the duration of this leave will be 45 days if she has completed the period of service of not less than 1 year. If she has not completed the mentioned period, she will be entitled to get a leave with half pay.

If a woman keeps on taking off from the company after the maternity leave is over, she will be considered as an absent employee without any pay. If she is not coming due to an illness and is not able to work, she will be considered absent and the period which she is taking off will not be deducted from her other periods of leave.

This is what the UAE labour law has in it. This means that any woman who wants to take the maternity leave can take it as she has the right to do so. In addition to that, if something is mentioned in her contract that she will not be allowed to take the maternity leave because this is how it has been mentioned in her contract, it will be considered NULL. This is because it is against the law and anything that is against the law cannot be considered true at all.

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UAE Labour Law Consultants 

Labour law advice Dubai people to get the maternity leave if they are expecting a child. If any company denies this, you should consult the best labour lawyers in Dubai to seek help as soon as possible.

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