Trump’s Obsession With Jobs Numbers Affecting His Opinion on Khashoggi Murder

Trump seems obsessed with jobs numbers and economic indicators. With 2020 elections around the corner, he wants to maintain an impressive run at all costs. He is the president of a country that is always schooling other countries about human rights and rule of law. Yet he has decided to look at the Khashoggi case from a very different value premise.  The CIA, the world’s most coveted intelligence organisation has made its findings known about the Kashoggi case and they point to the possible involvement of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia in the murder case.

However, it is clear that President Trump is not going to take any action as he does not want to disturb the ‘’special relation’’ with Saudi Arabia.  Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest investors in America. Saudi Arabia, through its sovereign wealth fund called Public Investment Fund (PIF) has made the following investments among others

  • $45 billion into the SoftBank Vision Fund
  • 5% stake in Tesla
  • $3.5 billion in Uber

In addition to the investments, PIF has made several future commitments which are likely to bring more billions of dollars into the American economy.

It is against this background that President Trump has chosen to ignore the concerns raised by his intelligence organisation. He is worried that if he takes any action against Saudi Arabia, the Crown Prince will redirect his investments to China and Russia, who are arguably America’s biggest rivals on the world stage. There is even discontent in President Trump’s own party. Several republicans have come out against the president about his stance on the Khashoggi case.  It remains to be seen whether or not they will be able to make President Trump place more value on the sanctity of human life over Saudi Arabia’s billion dollar investments


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  1. I’m sorry Kashoggi was murdered, especially in the horrible way it occurred. I also think that the Saudi royalty is guilty of that murder. However, we have to keep in mind that Kashoggi was not an American citizen, he was not murdered in the USA and the murderer is not an American. The murder is not our business.

    The employment numbers have a direct effect on US citizens and Trump is the president of the USA.

    Before you criticize Trump for working with the Saudis, keep in mind that Franklin Roosevelt, a Democrat, worked together with Josef Stalin and he was guilty of the murder of almost 100 million people. Sometimes we have to deal with awful people.

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