Trouble Shooting Tips -51

As mentioned before, when the Cleaner realised the Matron, her erstwhile ‘Boss’, had no power, she embarked on a voyage of stealing and slacking.

She arrived at work somewhere around 9 and left sometime before 5.  She did as little as possible to fill the time, and stole what she felt she could get away with.

She developed a skill in hiding things she intended to steal.  If she took a blouse on Monday, she would put it in her ‘changing’ room.  If no alarm was made by Thursday, she took it home.

If an alarm was made early enough she could ‘search’ for it, and find it.  

As many of the occupants had to leave at certain times, she would set herself to steal value so that the occupant would have to leave without it.

In reality, she ought not have been employed beyond six months due to her dishonesty both in stealing items from the tenants and her clear slacking off work.

However, as the Matron couldn’t fire her….?


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