Transhuman Slaves is the Gateway to Hell

Friday, September 25, 2020

Transhumanism will make the current population into slaves to the New World Order agenda. It will reengineer the human race with vaccines, microchipping, and geoengineering.

Covid-19 stands for Certification Of Vaccination Identification 2019.

It all started out from the 9/11 domestic terrorism for the Zionist agenda.

MODERNA stands for Modification Of Endogenous RNA

Bill and Melinda Gates patented the Luciferian microchip under 060606 to control the whole earth via microchipping slavery.

Transhumanism is all about a satanic agenda.

Chromosome8 removes empathy from humans.

Big Pharma’s involvement in Transhumanism has already started happening.

Big Pharma, Healthcare, Mainstream Media, and Government all work together to enslave the world population.


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