Time for Change Rally in Ireland for Truth & Freedom

Sunday, 8.30.20

The below videos are protest rallies in Ireland and London. More and more people are waking up, and they are getting very fed up will all the crap. They are sick of the lies, and they want their freedom and life back.

#1 Dolores Cahill – Time For Change Protest Dublin

Sunday, August 30, 2020

In Dublin, Ireland, there was a “Time for Change” protest, where many people gathered together for a rally.  There were minimal overall deaths worldwide since 2019, but there were also unnecessary deaths, which were criminal acts of murder for the depopulation agenda. Professor Dolores Cahill talks about the lies about the Cornyflu Plandemic.

Hydroxychloroquine prevents flu symptoms, such as Cornyflu.

Cornyflu is similar to a normal influenza.

The Zionist Elites are instilling fear in the elderly and children to weaken their immunity so that they will become sick.


This rally was on August 22nd. On August 29th, she was at the London Rally to end the lockdown.


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