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There is Always Another…

My gold chain broke, so I needed to have it repaired.  I recalled a jewellery shop in the plaza. The exact location of the shop, I wasn’t certain.  

I rode to the plaza and looked around. There was the shop.  

I entered and learned that  the jeweller wasn’t there.   I was told to bring the chain around about eleven a.m. tomorrow  as the shop would open about ten.

As I usually ride out and arrive early to avoid crowds, I was at the shop at ten.  But the shop didn’t open at ten.

Realising I had a long wait, I began walking around the plaza and saw the Direction Board.  Looking at it, I noticed there was another jewellery shop.

I walked over.  

That jewellery shop was open and I entered.  The jeweller was there as well.

No reason not to transact my business here and now.


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Written by jaylar

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