The Secret Of The Internet Personalities

Have you seen the bombastic headlines about the internet personalities ( bloggers and Youtubers) and their yearly income that crosses 7 digits? The most famous internet personalities (as PewDiePie, Zoella, Bethany Mota, and many others) often occupy the mass media headlines since their massive popularity and enormous community that supports them level them as superstars. They are young, successful, have an army of followers and large community that is influenced by them, and of course, are getting rich by being awesome on Youtube or social media. What is their secret and what makes them different?

Creating a brand of your name

Many of the Youtubers and bloggers started their channels and blogs completely unaware what are getting involved to. The internet community back then when they started was a “new thing”, and the field of work was barely known.

Gary Vaynerchuk

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Some of today’s digital moguls as Gary Vaynerchuk (a.k.a Gary Vee, entrepreneur, mentor and New York based best-selling author) have started the internet career paths back then when the word viral had totally different meaning, but it was still a less known area among  the masses. These young people have sensed the power of the internet as a media via which they are going to reach the global audience and share their messages and thoughts. Their content on Youtube especially was a one man show type of videos, a low quality video made in their room with poor lighting. Today, they share with us the best quality videos with studio lighting and perfect poise in front of the camera. The difference in the attitude is the confidence and the power that they get by their followers that act as a community.

Why these people have so many followers and viewers? I have asked myself how could I possibly follow and watch PewDiePie lately, since  not so long ago he was one of my least preferred Youtubers? (By the way, PewDiePie is also known as the king of Youtube, having almost 54 millions subscribers)


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The answer is simple. Their Youtube video contents and blog contents grow with them as creators/authors, so as they are getting older and more experienced, they start to reach different target groups of viewers. That makes them timeless, doesn’t it? Their content is original, creative, entertaining and fresh. What we see is what they are, there are no directors and producers behind them telling them what to do or what to write on their blog. There are no makeup artists to make them attractive on their videos, and there are no sound and picture experts to edit their videos, or editors for their blog posts. Their work is completely independent, self oriented and individual. That is what makes them special and why they reach to so many people. Because they share their “raw-self” with their followers, their Photoshop- free  side of themselves. That is what we really love about these people: the reality show based content that allows us to peek in their private world and identify with them.

Youtubers/Bloggers Phenomena

Internet personalities

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There are few case studies about the success of the internet personalities (as the case studies of Harvard about one of the world’s most influential fashion bloggers, Chiara Ferragni, a.k.a The Blonde Salad) that try to find the secret of the global success. Aren’t the originality and creativity reasons enough for success?

Basically, not. There is a lot of hard work involved. Creative stamina is required, an ongoing attitude and flexibility in  daily routine is a must. These people make money based on their passion, but that also requires hard work. And if you try to succeed in the internet world, as a blogger, vlogger, or anything else that you are interested in, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind: BE YOURSELF, and the others will follow you.


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