The Benefits of a Security Guard for Your Business

In today’s age of modern technology and security equipment, you may wonder at the necessity of a security guard for your business.  While security equipment can certainly be beneficial to your business, especially if you run a debt collection company like Crown Asset Management there is no substitute for a human security presence, that is able to keenly observe and monitor people, expressions, and suspicious activity.  It is important to consider the positive aspects of an active security presence, as well as certain situations that may warrant a security guard to enhance the safety of patrons, self, and assets.  It will also be crucial to assess if the payoff is worth the investment for your business.

You may be questioning if you really need a security guard for your specific business.  Certain businesses benefit exponentially from the addition of a security guard, particularly for companies that need both internal and external monitoring of their building.  In certain situations, you will need more than basic security footage and can instead supplement security footage with a security guard.  Businesses that contain high dollar items, machinery, or important people will have difficulty merely monitoring via camera footage.  There will always be areas experiencing vulnerability; thus, a guard can provide additional security to prevent threats to safety and theft.  A live person can be extremely helpful in seeing all areas of the facility, not just what the camera shows.  They are also able to perform routine patrols to further enhance security.

Furthermore, a competent security guard can provide vital monitoring of employee credentials within secure buildings.  A building can easily become compromised if credentials are lost or stolen and then used by another.  Having a guard function as a concierge enables employees to be observed entering and exiting.  The guard can immediately become aware of suspicious activity and stop a potential person from gaining access for which they are not authorized.

Another great benefit of pairing a security guard with a security camera system is the ability for constant monitoring of the footage by a live person.  This enables the guard to become alerted immediately to any suspicious or illegal activity occurring on the premises.  This ensures that the local law enforcement is contacted immediately in such an event, instead of merely having the footage to later aide in the prosecution of a perpetrator.  In situations of lesser consequence, the guard may even be able to solely handle a breach.  Ultimately, having someone monitor this footage prevents larger problems and theft, allowing the guard to make the best decision on the course of action that should be taken depending upon the seriousness of the breach.  The discernment of a live person prevents minor, non-threatening incidents from turning into an emergency situation, or vise versa.  A trained guard will be astute to body language that a camera cannot pick up, thus knowing when to react to red flags in a person’s behavior.

The most obvious reason to hire a security guard is to protect your business from theft, whether by a dishonest employee or a shoplifter.  This can be especially important in retail stores where high dollar items are routinely displayed on the floor.  Having a guard can make a dishonest person think twice before shoplifting.  Better yet, a plainclothes security guard can blend in and patrol the premises, catching thieves in the act before they even realize what is happening.  The addition of guards and cameras can make a huge difference in a company’s losses due to theft.

If you are still considering whether a security guard’s benefits are really worth the cost, consider how many losses your business has incurred to inventory due to theft.  Then consider, the reduced losses that will occur due to having an impenetrable security system in place.  With a great reduction in loss of assets, it is very possible you will begin saving money even after accounting for your newly employed guard.

A final consideration should be the safety an armed guard provides for your employees, customers, and self.  There is no price tag for human life and the peace of mind that your business is securely protected!


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