Tales of a Trouble Shooter – You think You’re Smart?

One of the realities is that the ‘Boss’ thinks s/he is smarter than the worker.  The Boss doesn’t take into consideration that this gal might have gotten pregnant at fourteen, so  had  to leave school or this guy had no one to look after him, so sacrificed education for a job.

If  s/he had been born to a better family, s/he might have gotten a scholarship to University.

Using scholastic measure as the only rating system, thinking employees are stupider than the Boss is the first mistake.

Never think your employees are stupid.

Some may be quite bright, but without academic certification, may have the genius criminal mind.  Some have developed animosity because of what they were denied.

Many hate their bosses, hate the customers, the clients, hate everyone who thinks they are ‘better’.

Thesei gnorable employees will concoct a plot in which they set up a co-worker, a guest, a client, a customer, to take the fall.

As one has categorised the employee as stupid the Boss will never  imagine that s/he can create a rather complicated plot, and put it into effect time and again, and always succeed.

Always  be aware of the possibility the ‘stupidest’ person on the staff might actually be playing the manager.

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