Staying Positive & Productive During Lockdown

Thursday, 3.26.20

Celeb Psychic explains to remain productive in this lockdown period. Think positive and live your life, doing positive things for you and others.

Now, parks are closed so that meetup groups cannot go on walking meetups. Hiking trails are closed during this lockdown.

Portal is a canal or tunnel to the other side.

Oprah promoting pedophilia and South African Apartheid.

Microchips are currently tested into people in 2020.

Conspiracy theory means to plan in secret.

Rosemary’s Baby is a real stuff. Sharon Tate was sacrificed. Roman Polansky rewrote Rosemary’s Baby. The satanic cult runs movie industry. It is a ritual for them.

Chris Cornell was murdered.

Bill Gates is trying to depopulate the earth. Richard Branson, Queen Elizabeth, and Oprah …

Depopulation agenda, child trafficking issue, Illuminati controlling everything …

Sudden blackout due to Youtube issues…at around 2:05:48

After technical difficulties, there was a second video to continues, in which she notes a ghost with her dog popped in and asked about a Karen…


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