SRA, NWO & Cornyflu Plandemic

Thursday, August 27, 2020

In this video, Wilfred Wong explains SRA and Satanism for One World Government. Satanism attracts greedy people who want control, money, and power. They drink blood, as well as have sex with corpse and others, as an offer to Satan.  Shaun Attwood interviews Wilfred Wong about how these Satanists are involved in the New World Order and One World Government.

Many police officers are into freemasonry to get promoted to higher positions. Then, they hide behind their charities to make themselves look good in society.

Satanic New World Order, where the Deep State is dominated by satanism, for their One World Government. The satanic antichrist messiah will then control the earth.

They created a so-called global crisis, such as the cornyflu plandemic, which is often exaggerated to make it more than it is, in order to push their satanic agenda on the worldwide public via fear tactics.

Bill Gates, George Soros, Clintons, Bush Family, Barry Soteoro, etc are all involved in New World Order agenda.

Trump is anti-globalist and nationalist, as well as fighting to stop child trafficking, which is why the Deep State and Democrats don’t want him in office. 

Cornyflu Plandemic was engineered by Satanists to mess up Trump’s plans to improve the national economy.

EU is dominated by Satanists to control the world.


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