Spiritual War in Bronx NY

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Man rides his bike through NYC to the Bronx to check out the war zone in the Bronx. All he sees is a staged FEMA area, filled with FEMA ambulances. A guy there tells him that there used to be even more ambulances a week or so ago. He stopped a man for throwing his water bottle out of his car window, and told him to stop littering NYC.

Still in the Bronx, but now at the Jacobi Medical Center. It looks like it is raining here.

He watches a video, ‘It’s a war without bullets’ in NYC. Yeah, it is a Spiritual War.

The black man tells him that he hasn’t seen any dead bodies at the medical center. It is mostly mannequins posing as dead bodies from corona-thing. The Zionist media is filled with propaganda about war zone in NYC as well as the area is filled with crisis actors and staged events. He hasn’t seen any war zone yet in the Bronx. He states there is no war zone. It is all propaganda. He states that wearing a mask will likely make him sick because of breathing the same germs inside the mask.

It snowed in the Bronx during May for the first time.

It is all about controlling the population to put up 5G radiation towers.

The 5G was invented by the Zionists in USA and Israel to use as a weapon against the population. It is all about the depopulation agenda to exterminate many people.

People need to unite together and fight back the Zionist mass murder agenda for the New World Order.

The ambulance driver states that the war zone is behind closed doors.

He runs into another black man who says “What war zone?”

He later chats with two black people. The black woman agrees that everything is staged. As the chat, it is snowing on them in May.

He asks a woman walking in the street about the war zone. And, she laughs.

He displays more fake news videos on the Zionist media news.

He asks an Asian woman about the war zone, but she doesn’t know what he is talking about.

He asks a Jamaican man by the hospital, and he states it is very quiet in the Bronx.

Another woman who walks a lot in the area said it is very quiet and no war zone. She states it is all politics bullshit.

He talks with two men, who states that the hospitals are empty. Parking lots are empty.

The garbageman even states that the media is bullshit to scare people into taking the vaccine.


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