Soros & Pelosi Funded Violent Riots

Monday, 6.22.20

George Soros and Nancy Pelosi Funded Violent Riots

The article on the above link explains that George Soros and Nancy Pelosi funded the violent protests, involving ANTIFA and Anarchists. They hired, paid, and funded organized groups from out of state.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, Saint Paul Mayor Melvin Carter, and Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison all confirmed that out of state groups had infiltrated the peaceful protests to cause chaos and a race war in order to make it difficult for Trump to control everything and do his job.

George Soros is known to donate large amounts of money to liberal and progressive causes. He donates into his Open Society Foundations, funding worldwide projects, as well as USA projects, which includes Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matter, and grassroots protests.

There might also be some white supremist groups involved in these violent riots.

Bill Mitchell claims that the violent riots have to do with ANTIFA, which are Soros-funded thugs, as well as ‘100% orchestrated by the DNC.’

Chuck Woolery, former host of the Love Connection dating game, claims that George Soros funded the violent riots all over America as well as against President Donald Trump.

Candace Owens, an African-American Pro-Trump commentator, also states that Democrat George Soros funds and pays ANTIFA and other thugs to perform violent riots all over America. They are trying to mess with Trump so that he will lose the next election.

But Donald Trump didn’t say anything against George Soros. Rather, he blamed the violent riots on ANTIFA, Nancy Pelosi, and radical left.


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