Soros-Funded ANTIFA, Paid to Destroy America

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

I agree that the violence was instigated by George Soros to push the New World Order agenda. They want to divide and conquer in order to create a racial war. They want to bring in the military and create martial law. Most of the protestors are actually peaceful, just marching and chanting together with signs.

“Black Lives Matter” is funded by George Soros and Hillary Clinton to push a race war.They work with Rockefeller and Bill Gates to fulfill their agenda. The violent protestors were paid to do all this riots for politics. There is a clip where some of the violent protestors were demanding Soros to pay them because they didn’t get paid in the past.

George Soros is destroying America for the New World Order agenda.

ANTIFA—paid terrorists, set up by the government to destroy America.

They failed with the Cornyflu Plandemic. Now, they are pushing a racial war, with paid terrorists to create violence and destruction, in the name of “Black Lives Matter,” while the actual African Americans in protests are protesting peacefully in marches.

This is similar to the Soros-funded Hondurans sent to Tijuana, Mexico via bus. 


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