Smith Interviews Edward Snowden

Friday, April 17, 2020

Shane Smith interviews about this Coronavirus, which is used for authoritarianism and New World Order agenda. Taiwan did a mobile fence for this One World agenda. The 1% Illuminati and Zionists elites are lying about numbers of cases and other vital information to further push their agenda. They will create more Coronavirus versions in the future in order to make it even appear like a worse disease until everyone will submit to toxic vaccines and microchip. They are already doing surveillance, tracking and tracing methods via iPhone to control the public.

Where is the future heading? It will never end. More concocted emergencies and crisis will pop up out of nowhere, disguises as something worse than it is, to push the masses toward the N.W.O. agenda.

“architecture of oppression”

Interim camps in China?

People need to work together to make a difference in society.

Zionist groups and corporations created this problem?

Uncharted territory needs revolutionary changes before people will suffer more under their fascist regime.


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