Selling on eBay? Here are 5 things you should know!

eBay is a huge ocean of products that you can own with a few clicks. The chances are that you have purchased a few items on the popular site, but things on the seller side are not the same.

As a seller, you have to continually work hard and put your best items forward for people to notice.

There are already hundreds of people listing awesome stuff every day on eBay, how can you stand out?

So, even if you have started an account or wish to make one, let us guide you through some steps. A little research and preparation go a long time in this domain.

You may end up saving some money. We recommend that you start slow and learn your way to the top like a savvy seller. Grow your store methodically and see the results.

Pricing for profit 

Newcomers do not know how to price their products properly. Even if you have been a pro at pricing your products in a brick and mortar, the online world is not the same. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to offer retail value or getting inspired by other people’s listings. Even if they are competitors, your business still provides a different value.

An item on eBay will be truly worth what the buyer is willing to pay. To find out what buyers have paid for similar items before, look at past listings. It is just like real estate, seeing what people have paid and what the asking price was.

Shipping supplies 

Make sure that your shipping supplies are in stock before you list items on eBay. People might ask for box dimensions and package weight before ordering. This means that your product should be boxed with cushioning material and weighed in before you submit a listing.

Do not fall into the trap of assumptions while selling on eBay. If you ask regular sellers how to sell on eBay, this is one thing they will tell you by experience. Moreover, do not assume weights based on items other sellers are listing. When an item sells, it can mess up shipping fee which may end up costing you more money. Think of your store as a multi-millionaire store; this tip will help you operate well.

Feedback score 

Every seller on eBay has a feedback score. This is based on their trading journey and buyer experience. This is also the number that puts you in people’s eyes. The more feedback you receive, the better your chances of getting more business. Needless to say that it is quite hard to get more sales with a poor feedback score.

If your account is new, you can gather feedback scores by buying a few products on eBay. This way, other sellers will rate you and you can get a breakthrough. We recommend that you purchase something you need and don’t waste money to get some feedback. Understand your seller limits to eliminate confusion.

After getting your packages, you can leave happy comments on a seller’s profile as well. We think twenty feedbacks is a good number to kick start your journey.

Don’t look for trouble 

We hate to say this, but cyber miscreants are always at large on almost every popular website. There are dishonest people ready to hurt the reputation of new sellers on eBay. Don’t fall into the scams of such people. To stay away from items that come with a high risk, I would suggest you stay away from selling

  • Smartphones, iPhones, and airpods
  • Designer items
  • Electronic items like the air fryer
  • Event tickets
  • Expensive or designer signed items like shirts, caps, shoes, etc

If you try to sell a fake replica of a designer item, it can also land you in the block list. Slow and steady, develop a good reputation.

High quality, in everything 

From curating, crafting until shipping, focus on quality. Quality is one thing that will help you stand out from a crowd of low-cost sellers. For example, HD photography is recommended for all your products. Do not put vendor images on your product pages.

Either use help or photograph your products beautifully, so they capture a person’s attention from afar. Don’t use any props with your photos as they can distract from the actual product. Maintain a free returns portfolio to give your buyers more confidence. Cost and speed are two buyer concerns on eBay. Your job is to minimize concerns. 71% of products on eBay are shipped free.

Last word 

To maximize the potential and profit of your business, you need to be smart. eBay does not operate like your general e-commerce store, so you have to learn the tricks of the trade. There is a massive pull for selling cool, creative items on eBay and you can use this benefit to the max.

We hope our tips help you go big. Best of luck!


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