Seeking Pedos on the Deep Web

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Shaun Attwood and Sonia Poulton discuss the Elites and the Deep Web, which has to do with pedophilia and child trafficking.

While listening to his video, I have TV on an independent channel, showing a 2008 movie, Taken, starring Liam Neeson, which is about a man trying to save his teenage daughter from sex trafficking in Europe when she went on a vacation with her friend. In this movie, her friend is found dead.  This topic is everywhere nowadays, in novels, Youtube videos and movies.

But back to the video. They want to end the war on drugs bullshit, which is used as a distraction by the CIA and drug cartels, and start a war on pedophilia.

DUMB = Deep Underground Military Base

Torturous acts on children, while others, such as pedophiles and other wealthy elites, watch as a spectator sport? Before they kill them for their adrenochrome?

Red Rooms in the Deep Web is similar to the REDRUM in The Shining, and the sequel Dr Sleep about traveling gypsies going after kids for their youth and energy. They become adamant on going the young black girl because she has strong powers they need, which is similar to the elites in real life preferring dark-skinned kids because they provide more power, youthfulness, and energy. (Haiti, Africa, etc). These novels, movies, and many videos are exposing all this dark stuff.

Part 2 on Brand New Tube

(Check above link to a video on Brand New Tube, where many censored Youtubers are moving to nowadays).

This is the second half of the video on Brand New Tube, probably because it exposes too much for Youtube’s censorship. Brand New Tube is uncensored. This video starts around the 7-minute mark because there appears to be a long introduction, which is annoying. I had to skip around to get to the discussion. The first part of this video is from Youtube. Click on 1:11 for the second part continuation. They discuss body language analysis of pedophiles and sex traffickers with four men. They analyze ways to figure out when someone is lying.

Vatican invests in movies, such as Rocketman. Vatican has been also infiltrated by the Zionist Mafia, such as Rothschilds.


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