How to Secure the Best Office Space in Hobart

The Tasmanian city of Hobart may not be the most populated area of Australia, but it still has a lot to offer investors. For one thing, the population is highly skilled. Over half of all residents have a university degree, so building up a talented workforce is easy here.

The region also has strong trading ties with China, Japan, and Italy. This is great news for entrepreneurs looking to get their products out into the world. You’ll find plenty of affordable office space in Hobart, making it ideal for smaller companies and bootstrapped start-ups.

This guide to affordable offices in Hobart will help you find a home for your new venture.

So Many Reasons to Go ‘Serviced’

The first step is deciding what kind of base the business requires. There are more options out there than you think. For instance, serviced suites take the traditional leasing model and add a major perk. Tenants pay a single monthly fee to rent the physical space and its utilities.

In this case, utilities refer to everything needed to keep it running. This includes heating, lighting, air conditioning, cleaning crews, IT support, and more. Some serviced vendors even provide the furniture and décor as part of a fully furnished ‘ready to go’ arrangement.

Making Success Simple for Small Companies

You’ll find the best-serviced offices in central Hobart, close to the main retail and financial districts. Office vendors like to be positioned in this way because it helps tenants forge strong bonds with the community. It keeps them visible and helps to strengthen their brands.

The problem with traditional leases is they come with sky-high rates, particularly in the busiest neighborhoods. With a serviced agreement, rates may still be higher than average, but tenants get to save a lot of money on utilities. Rent costs are substantially more manageable.

Taking Advantage of a Top Spot

One example of a top spot for businesses is the iconic Macquarie Street. You know you’re looking at a legendary location when it’s included on the national monopoly board. Here, you’ll find landmarks like Franklin Square, the Hotel Grand Chancellor, the Lands Building, and the Reserve Bank Building.

The latter is particularly impressive. It sits in the heart of the financial district and securing an office within its walls is a major achievement. The Reserve Bank Building is home to a world-class serviced facility. So, if you’re interested in leasing a fully furnished suite, it’s a great place to start looking.

Why Working with a Serviced Vendor Is Easy

Serviced vendors don’t demand much of their tenants, beyond that single consolidated payment. There is no ‘lock-in’ clause, for example. They never tie businesses down to inescapable leases. Instead, rental agreements roll over until no longer required.

It’s a big advantage because nobody can predict the future. It may be that three years down the line, you face the decision to downgrade or decline. With a serviced office, any move essential for survival – be it an upgrade or a downsizing – can happen very quickly.

Why a Serviced Office Could Be Your Secret Weapon

The point is serviced leases give tenants a great deal of control. They are structured around the needs of businesses, unlike private rentals which hand all power to the landlord. Serviced offices provide the finest in décor, tech, networking, and assistance.

However, they make sure to keep prices competitive and help smaller businesses find a place within the Hobart market. If you can afford to pay for the very best, don’t stop there. Why not get the finest address in town and a complete, ready to launch workspace?

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