Save the Children HIJACKED

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

While watching this ‘save the children’ video, I decided to scroll down the page to read some comments as I listened in the background. I had also noted that someone misspelled conspiracy as ‘conpiracy’ on one of the posters. 

Someone in the comments had noted that the ‘save the children’ protest were a part of the Gates Foundation, which makes sense since now the ‘BLM’ protests are dying down. These zionist billionaires are hijacking and using certain groups who need a voice to push their agenda. Another poster noted ‘children lives matter.’ 

So, I wouldn’t support this protest. It is just a Gate Foundation propaganda, where bunch of idiot people are chanting by the CNN building. It isn’t legitimate. They are probably paid. Just fake news to get the public to support Bill & Melinda Gates garbage.

I decided to go on the internet and do my research. 

“Save the Children receives $50 Million Grant from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation…” It goes on to say that this fund supposedly saves infant lives on a global scale by increasing certain programs and low-cost means in order to reduce annual baby deaths. We know now what low cost means actually means to Bill & Melinda Foundation, especially in Africa. By now, it is obvious what the Gates Foundation is all about, and it isn’t saving lives. Hence, it is clear that this is another hijacked group, being funded by one of those zionist murderous billionaires–Bill & Melinda–in their so-called charities–to fund and push their agenda on the public. It is also therefore important for people to find out who is funding these so-called groups or charities before you decide to donate your money. 


What do you think?

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