San Francisco's Homeless Problem and Vandalism of Statues

Sunday, July 5, 2020

All of the big cities across America have experienced the same chaos and destruction. I just noticed San Francisco has experienced the destruction and vandalism of many of its statues. And, their homeless population has increased. Why doesn’t they mayor help them in some kind of homeless shelter or programs? I am sure many might be mentally ill or even on drugs. No one is doing anything to help them, and they complain there are now more homeless people. I was aware of the homelessness problem, but apparently it has now increased…

#2 San Francisco Mayor Breed Decries Vandalism of Golden Gate Park Statues

Last month, San Francisco experienced vandalism of their park statues. Most of these statues were of slave owners.

These vandalism looks so sudden and ridiculous that it is obvious that these destructive people were paid to vandalize and destroy statues. It is obvious it was intentional for a clear intent to create a race war between people, and maybe provoke a revolution.


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