RT on 36 Alien Races in Our Galaxy

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

There it is, what is coming next in the media, after the cornyflu plandemic dies out. The Alien Invasion! According to this RT video, there are actually 36 alien races out there somewhere in the galaxy. Wow, I thought there was one alien race—the little green men landing on earth in their UFOs. I am wondering there will be bunch of unemployed and desperate actors as well as cheap crisis actors, dressed up in some alien form. Or, maybe they are just displaced foreign refugees from another countries who need a new place to call home.

I posted a video, maybe around last month, about the next media news propaganda that involves promoting some alien invasion. And, here it is, as promised, because the lockdown is currently under restricted new normal. Many people are trying to get back to some kind of normal life. 

Whoever is still watching TV should post about the alien invasion promotion on the news. I cannot tolerate those news networks and their chronic diarrhea.

Meanwhile, I cannot wait to see what these 36 alien races look like or what they actually are…


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