Rentomojo: The Smartest Way Renting

It is not feasible to buy all the equipment needed for the house when one is shifting cities frequently due to work. But these items are important for comfortable living and cannot be avoided. Rentomojo offers a smart solution by enabling the customers to rent the appliances, furniture, and electronics in a hassle-free manner. It also offers RMI which sis cheaper than EMI. Read on to find why it is the smartest way of renting.

Millennials don’t mind switching cities for the sake of career growth. Some people have no option but to leave their town and shift to another place due to the demands of their work. On an average, a person works under one firm for roughly a year or so. This means that the property of residence (where one is staying during the work tenure) needs to be equipped with all the things which are required in a normal house such as beds, cars, microwaves, washing machine, and electronics. The cost of purchasing all this equipment will undoubtedly leave an individual with a hole in the pocket. This situation gets even worse when one has to keep moving cities every 3 months or so. So how can one not get bankrupt in such a situation?

The smartest way to thrive comfortably in such a scenario is by renting. RentoMojo is an online rental solution where one can rent a wide range of furniture, appliances, and electronics in a hassle-free manner. The portal even offers RentoMojo coupons which makes it a cost-efficient solution.

Features about RentoMojo

One can search for the products he/ she requires and avail it on rent it. Customers can, therefore, enjoy the luxury of owning the items for a specific period without having to worry about the cost. Users can lower their cost further by using a RentoMojo coupon code. The best part about this portal is that it provides customers with a feature known as RMI.


RMI stands for Rental Monthly Instalment and is similar to EMI. Though it is similar to EMI, RMI comes with several benefits which are absent in EMI. RMI allows the customer to own a product without having to commit to it for a lifetime. One can take the product as long as one wants and return it if you Don’t’ want it. RMI thus offers flexibility. It also offers free delivery and maintenance. RentoMojo coupons decrease the cost further. Here are some benefits of RMI:

1. Option to own

2. Can cancel anytime

3. Free maintenance

4. Free relocation

5. Free swap

6. Damage waiver

How are RMIs cost-efficient and cheaper than EMIs?

RentoMojo buys items directly from the manufacturers at substantially lower prices.  Therefore, their rentals turn out to be cheaper than EMIs for all tenures; which consequently ensures more savings.

From the user’s perspective, products lose up to 50% of its value the moment it is purchased. So the chances of not ending up in a loss while selling it are rather slim. Renting, on the other hand, gives the users an opportunity to invest that money (which was allotted to buy products) on experiences or places which has higher returns; such as mutual funds and bitcoins.

Other benefits of renting

Users can buy items using the RentoMojo coupon code with tenures starting at just 3 months. These coupons are also available on sites, like KuuPofy. Customers can also swap the items after 12 months to get a whole new look. The contract can be cancelled anytime with a nominal fee.


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