Reduce Marketing Costs, Start With Email

How much do you spend on marketing your brand? Probably more than you’d like. While marketing is one of the most important parts of any business, the expenses are often overwhelming.

When you want to incorporate all types of tools, including SEO, SMM, email marketing, PPC ads, etc., you are in for some serious spending. Thankfully, several ways exist to reduce the amount of money you spend on promoting your business without lowering the quality of the campaign.

1. Start With Email

Do you know how much money and effort you are wasting by sending emails to the wrong addresses? You must clean up your email list in order to ensure that each message goes to the right person. By sending emails to non-existent addresses, you are increasing the bounce rate and reducing the good reputation of your IP address.

Meanwhile, by sending messages to people who aren’t part of your potential audience you are likely to become blacklisted and increase the chances of email clients recognizing your emails as spam. If that occurs, you would be spending time and money on clearing your reputation instead of doing other important marketing tasks.

2. Hire Marketing Professionals

According to SEO marketing experts at Miromind, it’s possible to draft and employ an excellent marketing campaign from scratch. However, the time it takes to do it is a bit scary. Today, each business owner has access to numerous marketing tools, including keyword search, PPC ads, social media marketing software, programmatic advertising, and much more.

Unfortunately, finding your way around the sea of tools is time-consuming. By hiring a professional, you can save yourself time. Speeding up the campaign means reaping the benefits faster. Such an approach has a high ROI.

3. Keep To An Effective Strategies

Many marketers think that trying new things is imperative. However, if something “ain’t broke”, why fix it? Employing new strategies may be an excellent solution if you aren’t trying to cut marketing costs. For the companies, which are hoping to save money on marketing, it’s smart to stick to what works.

In case the strategy you’ve chosen stops being successful, trying something new is unavoidable. Just make sure you get everything out of the old strategy before you start exploring a new one.

4. Proofread Your Texts

Sounds simple and terribly obvious? Meanwhile, many companies lose money on their marketing efforts due to human error. Unfortunate spelling mistakes can make the most effective content look ridiculous.

Just one error is sufficient for a potential customer to turn away. After all, if you can’t spell, how well do you perform surgeries, cut hair, manufacture gaskets, etc.? A spelling mistake can render your strategy useless.

5. Use Client Retention Strategies

Many businesses make a mistake of spending their marketing efforts on attracting new customers. Meanwhile, the chance of an existing customer making a purchase is almost 5 times higher than of a new one doing it. So which one is worth your attention today?

If your marketing budget is limited, focus mostly on retaining existing clients. They bring higher profits.

6. Do Extensive Research

Marketing techniques and approaches change faster than light. What works today may become outdated tomorrow. If you don’t have a team of professionals dealing with your marketing campaign, it’s up to you to research what works these days.

Put the following websites on your “to read” list:

Hubspot Marketing Blog Content Marketing Institute Google Ads BlogSEMRushMention

Final Thoughts

It’s possible to improve your marketing efforts without upping the costs. If you are on a tight budget, take advantage of the above tips to enjoy an efficient marketing campaign with a low price tag.


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