Promoting Your Website on a Limited Budget

There are over 1 billion websites from around the globe, with more being created every day. There exists a need to make your website stand out from the rest by considering proven ideas and strategies to boost its performance in the search engine results. Services from the best digital marketing agency in Phoenix can be quite handy when it comes to promoting your site and increasing traffic. The problem comes in when you have a tight budget and still want your site to perform well.

The following are some of the ways that you can use to promote your site as you increase the number of visitors who access it. The best digital marketing agency in Phoenix can offer the following strategies at a cost-effective rate to help your business build its presence online.


People often turn to search engines as a solution to their questions. For instance, Google is visited by millions of people each minute and is, therefore, one of the most powerful sources of traffic generation. Potential clients usually look through the top three search results when finding information online. You should optimize your site to ensure that you are among the top three or even in the first place of the first page.

Start by researching keywords that are used by your prospective customers and include the words on your website content. You have to know how to incorporate them into your posts. This strategy is used by website owners to boost their ranking on the search engine results. You can include key phrases that customers in your industry are most likely to use.

You can also edit already existing content by including linkbacks. These are the links that your site has from other websites. Use different platforms like Google Adwords for keyword planning regarding your specific target group.

Email Marketing

Almost every adult has an email account which they access regularly. This makes email marketing one of the best ways to market your website and find potential clients. This involves the collection of email addresses of prospective customers and then sharing the information. The content shared might include discounts, newsletters, and promotions to establish business relationships.

Email campaigns are a great way to bring back past clients to your site when you share upcoming promotions and content in the form of newsletters and updates.

Pay Per Click

Also known as PPC, this is another method used by website owners to increase their revenue. The catch is that you will have to put in some funds first before you can start reaping the benefits. What happens is that you submit an advert and then pay a fixed amount for each click that your ad gets when it is displayed by a website or a search result. Here, the main goal is to turn the clicks you get to clients getting a high return on investment.


The importance of including original and relevant content on your website can’t be overemphasized. This is also the best place to add your SEO optimized keywords and phrases. This strategy helps build your following by making your loyal readers come back for more. The readers can then be converted to clients as you encourage then to share the posts with their networks.

You can venture into other niches in the market once you have mastered your niche. You can connect with owners of blogs that accept guest writers to put your content out there for more people to access.

Creating Infographics

Infographics are prime sources of backlinks to your website. They are easily clickable and shareable among your visitors’ networks. Infographics are easy to make, especially using platforms like Canva. Once you design your infographics, integrate them with your website content.

It is essential to be aware of the needs of the target audience as you want them to click and share the information. Always make sure that all users can access the content.


It can be frustrating for a website owner to see a lot of their website traffic leave without buying a service or product. You can retarget such users by using cookies to create adverts on the other websites to lure them back to yours.

Signature Branding

Creating an appealing, fun, and unique signature for your photos, emails, blogs, shareable content and videos can increase your site visits. This allows people to know your brand and bring them to your site.

Facebook Adverts

Facebook has a large number of users from all over the world, and this makes it the best platform to advertise your website. Facebook ads are relatively less costly, so if your budget is limited, then this can be a great way to boost your site visits. Begin by creating targeted ads that reach out to a specific gender, location, age or interests.


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