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Imagine you were a member of a Club   After meetings there were light snacks.  You didn’t think about where the snacks came from.

If you asked you would learn that two sisters who were members of the Club prepared the snacks. They got a stipend to cover the costs but no great sum.   This is how it was for years.

Then a new President was elected.  Nothing strange.  Elections were every year and it was standard for each Officer holder to get two terms.

When the new President arrived, he had a meeting at a fancy venue, and you went and had different snacks.  No big deal.

Subsequently, if you had been paying attention you would note that the after meeting snacks were similar to those at the fancy venue.

But it was no big deal.  

The sisters  who had prepared the previous snacks, ceased to attend meetings.    If you paid attention, you’d note their absence, but if you didn’t, you wouldn’t know.

However, if asked  you would assume that since the sisters dropped out of the club, the snacks had to be assessed elsewhere.  

You don’t know that the new President wanted  the job so that he could make money by having his company cater.  

You don’t know that the sisters didn’t leave and a new caterer was found, but that the sisters were insulted and chased away so that the President could have his company make money.

You would never imagine that this man ran for President  to make money by having his company cater.

This is reality when you are not behind Closed Doors.


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