Police Officer Who Killed George Floyd Arrested & Charged

Friday, 5.29.20

I will summarize the video for 5.29.20 After Lockdown Insights. 

It is going to be the “new normal” all summer, until September 9th, in which a lot of war-like crazy things will happen. This will last until November 14th.  A civil war will start because of the depopulation agenda.

Race Wars are set up by the government for “divide and conquer.”

Kobe Bryant and his daughter left the earth in a ritualistic planned way to enter a new dimension.

Canada is a corporation. It doesn’t have a constitution. They are going to court right now to give each province a constitution.

#1 America in crisis: Days of rage sweep US cities (Special report)

RT reports on the riots, violence, and fire occurring in big cities. They are all fight for freedom and justice. The George Floyd murder started all this chaos. The police officer had his knew on George Floyd’s neck. This police officer was arrested and charged with 3rd degree murder.

People are getting tired of living in a police state, and right after One World Lockdown house arrest. And, now, everyone is living in the “new normal.”

CNN reporters were arrested by police.


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