Plastic Ruby – 11

Amelia asked her lover for a list of companies and the names of unmarried men  his wife was connected to.  It was a simple idea.  

Amelia would become the wife of some man who associated with Billy’s wife.   They would attend the same functions, be part of the same circle.

Amelia did her due vigilance.

She visited the companies selected what she felt  the most promising venue with the most unmarried possibles.

She applied for a position she was fully qualified for and attended the interview as prim and proper as possible.  

She impressed the interviewers, gained the position.  

Once in the job, Amelia wore well tailored suits, reasonable heels, her hair in a somber style.   She always behaved with decorum.  She appeared to take her work seriously.

Amelia scarcely resembled herself.    Although in her twenties, she behaved  as if she were in her fifties. Although considered a serious competent employee  she was in that office to find a wealthy man to marry her.  


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