Pen and paper

Many people make budgets while many others won’t. If you don’t know how to use fancy apps on the market now. Get out your trusted pen and paper. Write down the month your paying and list it all two bills at a time then add them up. It’s just as easy to add three rows at one time. It’s just neater and simple to make things easy. Write every bill you need to pay. If at all possible on bills you pay each month like rent. Send them a few extra bucks.

If you continue to do that if there is a month yours on a tighter budget that bill with extra money will allow you to pay less that month.I pay my rent and my lights like this. Most of the time I have no month to pay wifi. Like last month was.

If you earn a little money pay half on a bill and budget it. if you continue to earn continue to budget half of that to your recurring bills. Do you have a better way to budget? pixabay image


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