Pedophilia, Transsexuals, & Transgender

Saturday, 7.18.20

In the three below videos, Shawn Attwood interviews Sonia about pedophilia, transgender promotion, and censorship. They explain it is all for the New World Order agenda to create a totalitarian society of slavery.

#1 Sonia & Shaun 02 with Ryan Dawson

Shawn Attwood interviews a British woman Sonia Poulton about current controversial issues, such as the disappearance and murder of Madeleine McCann, Clintons, Maxwell, and pedophilia. They discuss that all this might be a form of distraction, when others could be making their secret getaway, maybe through underground tunnels.

Medical corruption in the UK?

Wayfair maybe be involved in pedophilia child trafficking on their site.

“Coyote” is someone that smuggles people across the border in a desert. They get paid for what they smuggle.

Teenage female costs 10K on Wayfair website.

There are actually many different agendas going on at the same time. And, maybe, these arrests are used as distractions for other hidden agendas.

#2 Transgender Agenda And Hillary Clinton – Sonia Poulton

Shaun Attwood interviews Sonia Poulton about pedophilia, transgender agenda, and Hillary Clinton.

Transgender promotion is about moving toward totalitarian society.

Kids are being taught to do porn and transsexuality. Just look at what the actors are doing, adopting black kids, or even their own kids, and making them dress and act like the opposite sex. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt still thinks she is a boy. Charlize’s adopted sons, forcing them to wear dresses, and I forgot who else, but I know I have seen more.

#3 MAXWELL & MADDIE MCCANN Sonia & Shaun 1

Prince Charles being bisexual?

Many criminals, including stupid actors, hide behind charities, adopting kids from underdeveloped countries, and other promotions in order to make them looks good, righteous, and giving back to society.

Trafficking drugs is run by CIA. I have known that since 2008, often promoting, “CIA are the real thugs selling drugs.”

CIA knew about 9/11 and they profited of it.

Yeah, I agree that Wikipedia information is very questionable and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Johnny Depp stories?

Brand New Tube? People are already making plans to change to other video sites that won’t demonetize their channel, delete their videos, and censor their videos.


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