Not This Time – 6

Over the next weeks Evan took an occasional lunch with Maura, a dinner, keeping it light and pleasant.   He also dated Nina Sanders and a few other young women at work, just to have options.

Things proceeded until Evan messed up at work.  He’d been too drunk to remember something important.

With tears rolling down his face he begged Miss Sanders to help him out.  Because  she thought he was serious about her, and really cared; she put herself in a bit of difficulty by taking some of the blame, and was chewed out but not suspended, fired or was an entry made on her record.

Evan made it up to her with a piece of jewellery.

Nina Sanders was very appreciative and hugged him, and he took a bit of advantage, and it became a kiss, and then a visit to her flat.

Evan made her think he loved her.  It wasn’t hard.  He had memorised all the lines and actions, looks and voice.

Behind her back he was warming up his relationship with Maura.

A week passed since the mistake and things were drifting to normal;  at least normal in Evan’s world, being intimate with one woman while trying to resume relations with his ex-wife.


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Written by jaylar

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