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No Body Likes You – 5

As a woman of rituals Lily shut off the television at the completion of the news and went to the kitchen area.

Lily never watched television beyond the news, just as her parents had done.

In the kitchen area Lily made herself  a small meal and ate standing by the counter.  On completion she washed her dish, her fork and cleaned and disinfected the counter.

She went to the bathroom, wrang out and hung up her underwear.  She brushed her teeth, washed her face, used a lotion her mother had, then took her now dry sponged suit to the closet.

Oddly, instead of going to bed as was her standard, she  returned to the sofa.    As she sat down,  it all rushed in on her.

The image of that van driving out with ‘everyone’  except her made a direct link with that door closing in her face at primary school.

She recalled that moment as if it was happening right now.


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