The major  hurdle  is to recognise the Boss from Hell.   Sometimes this takes months, for one attributes his behaviour to focus on the  work.   There are many perfectionists, many bosses who demand commitment.

But there is also a Boss From Hell,   The Boss who pretends dedication to the work, who  pretends that he is on some mission, but is really using the job as an open door to abuse those unfortunate enough to work for him.

This is why and how so many people work for a BfH;  they don’t realise it.

Just as the abused wife doesn’t realise her husband is nothing but a savage brute whose joy is hurting her, the abused employee is unaware that demeaning those who work for him is the centre of the universe for the Boss From Hell.

The purpose of the business is secondary to the abuse that BfH can inflict on his employees.  Understand that The Boss from Hell will abuse and insult his employees  regardless of its effect on the business.

This is the ‘giveaway’.

As soon as  one realises a protocol or practice or schedule, is not helping the business but demeaning the employees,   it is time to draw back and reflect.

When Dale realised that Mike was an abuser, she reevaluated.  She realised the work was not important to Mike, insulting her was.

Her integrity had been scraped away by her subordination to Mike.   She had to regain herself.  Her first step was to decide that this was NOT her work, this was Mike’s work.   It was no reflection on her. If it was done wrong or took forever and caused losses, that was not her problem.

As Dale came to despise Mike, she implemented her unworking  protocols to protect her ego.


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