It is not just the Husband who fills the role of Abuser.  Bosses from Hell are just as bad.

Bosses from Hell (BfH)  may be male or female.  They exhibit the same traits as the Abusive Husband save they don’t usually get physical.  If they do, they can be arrested.   It is the possibility of arrest which prevents (or limits) their action.

To understand the BfH, I offer Mike.  He  is the pattern for the Boss From Hell.   He behaves as if the office is his kingdom.

He gives orders and abuses his staff.  Some of his employees last a year or so, some have even lasted three, but many are out within months, some, weeks.

The fact Mike can’t keep staff is seen as the fault of the employees.  Not his.  For he, as any Boss From Hell, is never wrong.

When you work for a Boss From Hell, write it down, if you think you’ll forget;  “You can’t say No to an Ape.”

As a psychopath/narcissist  Mike lives in a world in which he is the deity.  For in his mind, in that office, he has the power of life and death.   This is how he sees reality.

He has a thin veneer of decorum.   Mike hires people and behaves decently for a month or so and then begins to exert his ‘power’.

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