Movie Genres That Help Pass the Time on the Plane

Watching a film is one of the best ways to make your flight feel faster. People can get very bored during the excessive hours it takes to get to their destination, so airplanes have been providing more inflight entertainment by giving guests several different movies to watch. However, certain films are better than watching than others when it comes to being on an airplane, so you need to consider which genres will erase your flight impatience and are not long enough to miss if your flight is short.

Action Films

Whether it involves superheroes, buff men or secret agents, action movies do not require a lot of thinking to enjoy. You typically do not have to process a whole lot of plot and can instead focus on the professional stunt work and special effects. It may not look as good on an airplane compared to a movie theater, but if you are just looking for a mindless distraction during your flight, there are few better options. Just be careful your film does not involve plane crashes, because whether you are afraid of flying or not, it could make you and anyone sitting near you feel uncomfortable in this situation.

Animated Cartoons

Most animated motion pictures are designed for children, but most of the major studios have been attempting to release films that appeal to all demographics. They have light humor and the same simple plot as an action movie, but now you can appreciate all the man hours that went into digitizing or drawing the characters and the environments. The biggest benefit is that they are always shorter than the typical movie length. You do not have to worry about not finishing it and finding another time to rent it, because the majority of them are under two hours, which your flight tends to exceed.


Documentaries about people and places in the world offer fascinating insight on their respective topics. It may be boring for some, but it serves as a sufficient time waster for inflight entertainment simply because of one aspect. There is little to no plot. Documentaries typically cover people or events you are likely already aware of, so they focus more on clarifying and explaining the subject’s history. If you do not finish it, you can search that person up on the internet afterwards to see what you and possibly even the filmmaker missed out on.

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