More Troubleshooting Tips – 86

Many businesses are top heavy.  There is a ‘manager’ who does very little supported by assistant managers who do a bit more, but not much.  

One doesn’t need three people sitting at a front desk watching the customers/clients.  

Doing cuts from the top are the wisest.

Although the original point of hiring so much ‘staff’  was to avoid paying overtime,  this has long been discarded by those with  business acumen.

Managers should be busy, they should have real duties, not just observing others work.

Often one hires managers on a ‘contract’ basis.  Six months/one year is enough.  This makes getting rid of them easy.

In a business, the ‘unseen’ people are easy to get rid of, the front liners will raise the eye brows of the clients/customers.  

When one has to downsize the last people to know must be the customers or clients, because they will take their business elsewhere.


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