More Trouble Shooting Tips – 99

There is no substitute for the helpful friendly staff.   People will pay more to be treated like someone and only if they are counting pennies will ‘pay’ to be treated like dirt.

If you do a check, this venue sell X at $6.43   that venue at $6.52.   The difference in price falls by the side when this venue treats customers like dirt and that one is helpful.

When people help you at a venue, going out of their way to lead you to the aisle,  you are more likely to return then when they point, even if the prices are cheaper.

Too often an owner thinks if he cuts corners he’ll do better, but the corner never to be cut is customer service.

Better to hire a bunch of nice people then miserable grumps.

The Nice people might only have a high school diploma and the grumps degrees from universities.

When it is customer service, make sure you get nice helpful people


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Written by jaylar

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